icon-willestatesWills and estate planning is a great way to ensure your legacy of love and stewardship can be felt by your loved ones for years to come.

Wills and estate planning is a great way to ensure your legacy of love and stewardship can be felt by your loved ones for years to come.

Malley Law has a competitive wills and estates pricing plan, offering comprehensive estate planning to cover your needs whether your estate is small and simple or large and complex.

Let the team at Malley Law help you craft the ideal will and estate plan for your situation. Not only are you choosing the plan that your family will live with after you are gone but you are also choosing the advisor upon whom your loved ones will turn to at one of the most  difficult times of their lives. Rest assured Malley Law is the most experienced and trustworthy choice for wills and estate planning in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Estate and Trust Administration

If you are processing the death of a family member, both emotionally and legally, you are probably feeling overwhelmed. We understand that the legal process required to handle an estate can be extremely complicated and confusing. Let go of your stress and put your worries at ease because we at Malley Law are here to help.

You may be wondering:

  1. What are the important deadlines for an estate administration?
  2. What actions are necessary if the estate includes real estate outside of Pennsylvania?
  3. What if we cannot find the Will?
  4. Do I really need to probate my family member’s will?

The maze of taxation law that comes with estate administration can be baffling. Our expertise will be utilized to be certain that all relevant estate tax and inheritance tax returns are prepared and filed for the estate. As well as addressing tax returns, the process of Estate Administration can include the collection of assets, settlements of debts and credit, and possible sale of real estate.

We will make sure that you comply with all of the legal necessities of an estate administration and that possible mistakes and subsequent liabilities you may bear as Executor or Trustee are eliminated.

Estate Planning

Life takes unexpected turns. Incapacitation or end of life may make it difficult or impossible for you to communicate your wishes regarding your property, assets, long term care, and medical treatment. This is why it is essential to have the proper planning in place before you need it. You may be wondering:

  1. What is a Living Trust? Is it right for me?
  2. What taxes will apply to my estate after my death?
  3. How can I minimize the taxes for my estate?
  4. How should I plan for my minor or disabled children or grandchildren?
  5. Should I list my estate as beneficiary of my retirement accounts?
  6. Do I need a Power of Attorney if I am married?
  7. What is an Advance Directive and why is it important?
  8. Who has the authority to make end-of-life decisions for another person?

We will be able to answer these questions and many more when you come for a working consultation at our office. We will then draft up the specific documents that you require.


We will help you to draft a Will that stipulates your specific desires regarding the division of your assets and the handling of your estate. This allows beneficiaries of your Will to avoid conflict and costly negotiations down the road, as well as insuring that your wishes are known and acted upon. We consider all circumstances when drafting your Will, including tax considerations and complicated beneficiary situations.

General Durable Powers of Attorney

A carefully drafted Power of Attorney will give you peace of mind, insuring you know that critical decisions regarding your well-being are always in good hands.

We will also help you legally designate who you wish to be the Power of Attorney for yourself or a family member for managing financial affairs. This document allows your chosen agent to act on your behalf for a wide variety of financial matters if you are unable to do so.


Trusts are useful, although often complicated, legal tools that we often use in well-executed estate plans. Trusts allow more flexibility with regards to the distribution of your assets. For instance, setting up a trust may be a wise decision when planning for specific circumstances such as minor and special needs family members, second marriages, or asset protection for you, your spouse, or your children.

Advance Directives and Health Care Powers of Attorney

We also include an Advance Directive and/or a Health Care POA in your estate plan. An Advance Directive is an important document that stipulates your end-of-life health care wishes, such as whether you want to continue living on artificial life support if you are at end of life. A properly drafted Advance Directive will take the weighty burden of these sensitive decisions, if ever necessary, off of your loved ones. A well-executed Health Care Power of Attorney is equally vital to insure that your loved ones are able to as your advocate in health care situations.


Trust the experienced team at Malley Law to be your will and estate planning experts in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Contact Malley Law today.

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